Summer holiday

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During the summer holidays, DONS provides an adapted program with a new theme every two weeks.
DONS Dongeschool, Scholekster, Notenkraker, Olympiaschool and Oscar Carré will stay at the schools where they are stationed with DONS, but turn the school into a summer paradise. Every week we take the older children (7+) on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays on a trip to a wonderful outdoor location, ‘t Twiske, a nature and recreation area. We leave the big city behind and go for fresh air and outdoor activities.

DONS BMS will move to Scouting Vasanta during weeks 3, 4 and 5. Parents and caretakers can bring their children there and pick them up at the end of the day.

Children who come to the DONS summer location for the first time are given a tour of the site. In addition, a DONS teacher explains the rules for indoor and outdoor use. We also share what the group will be and what activities we have in store that day!

Our team is trained in EHBO, with extra attention being paid to ‘summer first aid skills’, such as insect bites. An extra person from the DONS team is always available as a backup, in case of an emergency. We also map out risks at the outdoor locations in advance and expand the working agreements if necessary.

More information about the Summer Holiday can be found in the Pedagogisch Didactisch Beleidsplan. Parents are also informed in advance via a Summer Holiday Newsletter. For more information about the working method during the summer, a Summer Script is made every year, which can be requested from the DONS office.

All DONS children receive a Summer Handbook, containing important information they need to prepare for the Summer of DONS.

See the Summer Handbook 2022 and BMS Summer Handbook 2022 here.