Rates and contract

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DONS works with an hourly rate of € 9,50 per hour. Extra childcare amounts to € 10,09 per hour.
The monthly amounts for DONS differ per school, depending on the opening times. For 2024 the hourly rate will be € 10,35 per hour. Extra childcare amounts to € 11,00 per hour.

View the 2023 Rates per DONS-location here:
Tarieven 2023 DONS Dongeschool
Tarieven 2023 DONS Scholekster
Tarieven 2023 DONS Notenkraker
Tarieven 2023 DONS Olympiaschool
Tarieven 2023 DONS BMS
Tarieven 2023 DONS Oscar Carré

View as well the rates for 2024 per DONS-location:
Tarieven 2024 DONS Dongeschool
Tarieven 2024 DONS Scholekster
Tarieven 2024 DONS Notenkraker
Tarieven 2024 DONS Notenkraker Dependance
Tarieven 2024 DONS Olympiaschool
Tarieven 2024 DONS BMS
Tarieven 2024 DONS Oscar Carré

Working or studying parents may be eligible for childcare allowance. This allowance may differ depending on the family situation. You can make a test calculation on the website of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration, so that you get a good idea of what your childcare costs will be.


We offer a total package at DONS, in which 52 weeks of out-of-school care is included. This includes holidays and study days of the schools concerned, excluding closing days (such as generally recognised public holidays). On these long days, DONS will provide lunch, drinks and snacks. Childcare with DONS is possible from 1 day per week. We apply a notice period of 1 month. Please send an email to info@donsopvang.nl.

Extra childcare must be requested via the parent login. We will see if this is possible in terms of group and staff planning and will then pass it on to the location manager. An extra day is only scheduled after you have received written approval from the DONS office. Extra childcare will be calculated on the basis of the opening times of the childcare facility on that day. Purchasing childcare for half days or per hour is not possible. If the school day finishes earlier, or if there is a study day and this falls on your contract day, then this day will be included (no additional costs) and we will automatically plan on your child coming. If such a day falls on another day than your child would normally come to DONS and you need childcare, this will then apply as an extra day.

Swapping days
– As long as the planning and the legislation and regulations permit, two weeks in advance and one week can be swapped backwards;
– Saved days can not be used after two weeks;
– A possibly interrupted holiday week is not included here;
– Please submit your exchange request at least one day and up to two weeks in advance via the parent login;
– The DONS office will inform you at the latest two days after the exchange request if it is possible;
– Closing days can not be exchanged or overtaken.

Combining days is possible in a school holiday, provided that the planning allows this and following approval from the DONS office. Example: Your child has two weeks’ holiday. During the first week, no use will be made of DONS on the fixed contract days. These days may be moved to the second week. Therefore, your child can come to DONS one or more days extra in the second week. Please pass on your request, before the holiday concerned, via the ouderlogin (parent login).

Days on which DONS is closed may not be swapped or recovered Please also see the Opening times page.