Daily Structure

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School is finished!
The children will be picked up, will be given food and drink, will play freely, under supervision and outside if possible. We take time to go through the day or tell a story.

Time for an activity!
This distinguishes DONS the most from other childcare organisations. At DONS, we divide the school year into blocks. The children get going with the DONS teachers and themes belonging to that block and that colour group. An activity lasts a half hour to one hour. In addition, there is enough time to play freely, inside or outside.

Close of day
The day is closed together. During the close of day, the children can show each other what they’ve done that day. That is often in the form of a play, dance or a small performance, supervised by the DONS teachers. In this way, the children learn how to present themselves to an audience. They also learn how to pose as an audience, in which listening, watching and appreciating the work of another is paramount. By regularly standing on ‘the stage’ themselves too, the children learn that you make yourself vulnerable in doing so, which visibly influences their reactions when posing as the audience. We believe it is important that children are proud of what they have learned and end their day with a fixed ritual. The parents are welcome to attend! After the close of day, the children may choose what they do. There is then a central childcare. We would appreciate it if parents do not pick up their children earlier than 17:30 in connection with our programme of activities (with certain exceptions).
At the end of a block, there is time for the big Block Conclusion. Over the course of a week, all children will show what they worked on during that block. The Block Conclusion will take place at all DONS locations from 17:15 to 17:45.