About dons

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DONS offers a different take on childcare. We have a unique approach that is reflected in a number of ways, but above all in the feeling: I belong with DONS! We organise after-school childcare for pupils at the schools where DONS is located. DONS stands for Doorlopende Ontwikkeling Na School (Continuing Development After School), but we also support the schools during school hours. This unique combination benefits those who DONS is most concerned with: the children.

DONS time is free time. The opportunity for free play applies to the majority of the day. It is important that children move freely at their own tempo, can use up their energy and have the option to seek out play or to withdraw for a while instead. Fantasy and fun come first. It’s a relief not having to do sums or be serious for a while, but why stay at school then? You don’t have to go back and forth or to another place after school hours. School provides a familiar and safe environment, and DONS completely transforms the school after school hours.

We work with specialist theatre, music, visual arts and movement teachers. We strive for an optimal pedagogical climate; our teachers not only provide guidance, but they are also interested in the children’s development and stimulate them on a social and creative level. For example, they learn to express themselves more easily through our activities in terms of movement, emotions and words. They discover which talents they possess and how they can cooperate with other children. But even more important, children are allowed to be themselves while at DONS!

In the summer, the party really gets started when we go to our own summer camp. Making rafts, building huts or just relaxing. Exciting stories and crazy characters ensure it’s an unforgettable time for everyone.